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Critical Wit #48 – Meet Beatrice the Biologist!

Katie McKissick is a “former high school biology teacher who simply loves to talk, write, and read about science.”  She’s also the author and illustrator of “Beatrice the Biologist,” a fun, informative website about science.  In this episode, guest host Sophie Bushwick chats with Katie about her unique way of describing science through blogging and illustrating.  And they discuss one of the more popularly read Beatrice the Biologist articles, “Biology Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage Bans” and how it spun off into a conversation about olives.  You can subscribe to Katie’s website at, and like her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @beatricebiology.

Special thanks to Ira Moore for providing some technical counsel in this episode.  If you’re interested in checking out Ira Moore’s music for your multimedia project, you can visit his website at

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