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Critical Wit #38 – What Can Sherlock Holmes Teach Us About Thinking?

Maria Konnikova is a writer, doctoral candidate, and blogger at Scientific American.  She has recently finished a series called “Lessons of Sherlock Holmes” – a chronicle that explores how examples from the fictional detective stories can help provide insight into not only how humans think, but also, how we should think.  You can subscribe to Maria’s SciAm blog, called ‘Literally Psyched’, and bookmark her website:  And you can follow her on Twitter @mkonnikova.

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Critical Wit #10 – The Art & Science Of Critical Thinking

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Kevin deLaplante, a Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Iowa State University. We’ll discuss his work online at The Critical Thinker Academy, an educational resource that teaches critical thinking.  And Kevin breaks down five elements of critical thinking; logic, argumentation, rhetoric, background knowledge, and a cultivation of a set of attitudes and values.  Kevin also has a distinct video and audio podcast which is available to download from his website and iTunes.

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