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Critical Wit #52 – Graphene: Its Role In Future Technology Innovation

Sophie Bushwick is a freelance science writer who contributes to Scientific American’s Sixty Seconds Podcast, and is a writer for the io9 blogging network.  In this episode, we discuss the topic of graphene, a substance that has promising features and qualities for future technological innovations, such as more efficient solar cells, improved semiconductors, and more.  You can subscribe to Sophie’s blog, “Life is just a theory,” at and follow her on Twitter @SophieBushwick.

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Critical Wit #7 – Searching for the Higgs Boson

Brian Wecht, particle physicist at the University of Michigan talks about the theoretical particle of the Standard Model of Physics called the Higgs Boson, and why he’s certain the LHC will eventually find it.  We also talk about his other project, The Story Collider – which is an event and podcast of people talking about personal stories that are often funny and sometimes poignant, but relate to science. (episode 7)

Critical Wit #2 – Invisibility Cloaks

Dr. Greg Gbur discusses the physics behind invisibility cloaks. Gbur is a professor at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He has an amazing blog called Skulls in the Stars which features bizarre science facts, as well as insight into how science has inspired science fiction and horror literature, and vice versa. (episode 2)