Critical Wit #38 – What Can Sherlock Holmes Teach Us About Thinking?

Maria Konnikova is a writer, doctoral candidate, and blogger at Scientific American.  She has recently finished a series called “Lessons of Sherlock Holmes” – a chronicle that explores how examples from the fictional detective stories can help provide insight into not only how humans think, but also, how we should think.  You can subscribe to Maria’s SciAm blog, called ‘Literally Psyched’, and bookmark her website:  And you can follow her on Twitter @mkonnikova.

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  1. Austin Hall says:

    This is seriously so cool. What a great day to post this too, I’m going to see the movie tomorrow! Throughout my childhood. Holmes was always sort of the person I looked at thinking *woah, I wish I could think like that*. This podcast was incredibly interesting to me, in that, it related Holme’s incredible thought process to normal Human psychology. This was really really cool, and a bigg thumbs up too both The Critical Wit Podcast and Maria Konnikova for such a unique and yet overly awesome podcast!

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