Critical Wit #5 – Political Pursuit of Renewable Energy

Hugh McDiarmid Jr., communications director from the Michigan Environmental Council, discusses how states, like Michigan, entice green energy manufacturing and generation; and to what degree its citizens can understand the political, economical, and logistical factors involved. Although we use Michigan as an example, if you’re listening to this from somewhere else, you may find what we discuss applicable to where you live.  Hugh also a personal blog at (episode 5)

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  1. Tim Chilcote says:

    I wonder how Mr. McDiarmid would respond to the following comment that I left on his blog:

    Wind energy/technology is great, but it works just as well on land. Muskegon, for example, is using wind energy at a waste-water treatment facility. “Thumb” communities have wind farms on actual farms. The reason offshore wind is under consideration is because the state government can lease the lake bottoms at a low rate. If the wind farms go on shore, as they should, companies like Scandia will have to buy land from private owners. This, of course, doesn’t jive with politicians getting in bed with multi-national corporations. Government spin.

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