Critical Wit #57 – Ballparking: Practical Math for Impractical Sports Questions (Aaron Santos)

Aaron Santos is a physicist and author of “Ballparking: Practical Math for Impractical Sports Questions.”  In this episode, Aaron talks about some of the hypothetical estimations involving sports that he covers in his book, such as how obese would a hockey player have to be to cover up the goal, how much could a person lift if he or she was the size of an ant, and is Hall of Famer, Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak really that impressive of a record?  You can find out more about Aaron Santos by visiting his website  If you enjoy these kinds of puzzles, check out his first book, “How Many Licks?: Or, How to Estimate Damn Near Anything“, his blog “A Diary of Numbers“, or follow him on Twitter @AaronTSantos.

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